• Web Applications

    I have been developing custom web applications since 2000. I am an expert web programmer.

  • Mobile Apps

    iOS and Android, custom mobile app development.

  • Responsive Interfaces

    Interfaces that respond to you viewers screen size, so your site is optimized for them.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

    Over a decade of project management experience, projects big and small.

  • I make responsive WordPress websites
  • I am a web application developer and project manager. I live in Victoria B.C. Canada. I (mostly) grew up in Edmonton, but migrated to the west coast in 2007…and have never looked back!

    I love to camp, cycle, and generally spend time outside with my family. We also love to travel, and make a point to do so whenever we can.

    I don’t have a typical job, I run a web and mobile software development company called Advantcomp Consulting. I love what I do, and even though at times it can be a lot to balance, I love the daily variety and all of the challenges. I also love the freedom, when I can find time for it!